The Still Point
Massage Therapy and Yoga

Sarah Attanasio,LMT

      Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me.  In 2015, I attended the accredited school, Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy located in Albany, New York. It was there that I became educated in the many modalities of massage such as Swedish,MFR, Shiatsu, energy, cranio- sacral,therapeutic massage and neuromuscular therapy to name a few. After  becoming licensed, my focus in  continuing education has been mainly in strengthening my natural and intuitive draw towards various forms of energy  healing, trigger point therapy and  Thai stretching massage. My best work tends to incorporate those combined concepts.
As a LMT I want to provide wellness to the community through what I do best and how I choose to express myself through my hands. It is very important to me to be able to offer my whole heart and focus to each client. I combine various modalities with deep/ therapeutic work without taking away from the relaxing and rejuvenating aspects of massage.To calm the mind while simultaneously addressing the body's  physical needs is in my opinion, key to a successful session.  It’s so important to balance both of those things and adjust according to each of my clients'  individual need. It's also a mission of mine as a massage therapist to bring awareness to the benefits of receiving massage on a regular basis. Massage is not just a luxury. I love working with clients and seeing the shift in perspective as they begin to realize how massage is a powerful form of healing.

Sarah Attanasio, LMT